Reduce Variation

Reduce Costs

Individualized reporting and actionable feedback for hospital physicians

Challenge: Variation Reduction

Hospitals seek to maintain quality and reduce the total cost of inpatient care.

Team leaders seek to pinpoint appropriate attribution and unwarranted clinical variation.

Physicians seek fair evaluation, job satisfaction, and helpful feedback on patient care.


Agathos is the first analytics platform that offers precisely attributed individualized physician metrics and personalized care variation insights on shared inpatient stays.

For Physicians

App Metrics

Insights newsfeed gives personalized feedback on clinical variation.

App Metrics

Underlying influence-adjusted metrics refresh nightly.

App Cases

Underlying case records are sorted based on relevance and actionability.

App Progress

Visuals display progress over time and relative to site peers.

For Team Leaders

Clinical team leaders gain real-time transparency into individualized and group metrics and care variation insights—perfect for morning pre-rounds, individual coaching, department meetings, and executive sessions.

The Agathos Difference

Physicians are fatigued by incomplete data. They need more than group-level metrics, static dashboards, and EHR alerts to provide high-value care to their patients. Agathos provides personalized learning moments focused on specific clinical actions and supported by peer comparison graphs, practice recommendations (e.g., from Choosing Wisely), and relevant clinical cases. This action-level feedback is inherently actionable, accelerating user engagement, learning, and behavior change.

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